Video iPhone Game Review - Bed Bugs

My wife and I both have iPhones and this weekend she was mentioning that she has yet to find a game that she 'just loves to play'. Now, to be fair, she doesn't have a lot of time to surf through the thousands of games in the App Store but I have found quite a few that she likes, just none that she is addicted too.

Well, I may have found one tonight in Bed Bugs. Developed by Igloo Games Bed Bugs is highly addictive and very fun. You play the role of a sleepwalker who climbs out of bed and is bombarded by all different types of Bed Bugs that are doing their best to wake him up. At each level (I made it through 9) a new Bed Bug is introduced and each of them have to be handled differently.

Some you can't touch. Others you have to touch multiple times and in the latest level, some you touch once but you better not touch them again.

The game starts out pretty easy but gets progressively more difficult as the new Bed Bugs get introduced and you have to keep your fingers moving to keep your Sleepwalker asleep.

This is a game that is simply perfect for the iPhone and iPod touch and everything about the game is done extremely well: the sound, the graphics, the controls and the game concept are fantastic.

This is Igloo's second iPhone game. Dizzy Bee was the first and although I have personally not played it, it has gotten tremendous reviews so it's no surprise that these guys have nailed it again with Bed Bugs.

This is a game for all ages and I'm excited to show my kids this one as well. It is currently selling for $1.99 in iTunes and I highly recommend downloading it now.

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